Monday, February 10, 2020

DNA - The Double Helix Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

DNA - The Double Helix - Lab Report Example To solve the DNA structure puzzle and discover what the molecule looked like, the work of many people was needed to come up with the full structure. The scientists used X-rays to see through DNA, a Three–Helical structure and specific base pairing to show the DNA structure (Nobelprize 9). It was also proved that genes are a result of replication of coded regions in the DNA which are passed from one generation to another. As a result, Gregor Mendel of Czech noted that certain traits such as colour in peas were inherited in different packages called genes. Oswald, an American, theory which stated hat the genes were made of nucleic acid was also affirmed. The game helps us know how copying of genome in an organism takes place and that different species like the mouse, mosquito, e-coli bacteria, fruit fly or flower have different amounts of DNA. It also helps in understanding how copying of genome in different organisms takes place. From the game, one is able to have an clear understanding that most living organisms have similar genetic material (DNA) as it gives a clear picture of DNA molecule structural shape (The double helix) which resembles a staircase and is found in almost every living organism. It also gives an easy way of pairing up bases that is A with T and G with C and helps one know that only up to three mutations are accepted in the human

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